Posted by Robert Gibson

Welcome to Aruba

Aruba Punto de Vista is one writer’s attempt to to bring to the surface experiences, thoughts, questions, issues, ideas, developments, events, and opinions regarding life and living on the Southern Caribbean island of Aruba.  It is meant to educate, inform, and  stimulate critical thought.  It has been created as a vehicle and pulpit to hopefully counteract and combat the existence, entrenchment, and exponential growth of  insanity, ignorance, incompetence, folly, and shear stupidity in today’s society.   A rowboat of reason in a sea of illogic?  Possibly.  Opinions that are politically incorrect?  Probably.  A forum for dissent and dissemination?  Definitely.  What are the odds of success in regards to this venture?  Minimal at best. But what is the alternative?  Further silence is a sign of resignation and acceptance – and this is unacceptable.

This site seeks to be a controversial yet fascinating voyage of discovery and exploration.  It will address numerous areas the world we live in,through definition, description and discussion, seeking a better understanding and comprehension of how all the aspects of History – Political, Economic, Social, and Environmental – are interconnected and interrelated.  The role, purpose and importance of Geography and Thinking Geographically will be emphasized.  As well as the tremendous need to foster the improvement of the quantity and quality of reading, reading literature and that of critical reading, writing and thinking skills.   Solutions to the vast array of dilemmas that we face now and will confront in the future begin with enlightenment through education, and this means we must begin this journey by improving our knowledge, skills, and attitudes.  So let us begin through a candid and no holds barred examination of who we are and how we got to be this way.


Robert Gibson